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7 holiday gifts for photographers

Happy holiday everyone!

I wanted to write up a list of photo-related items that I’ve bought this year, or am still planning to get. These would be great gifts to treat yourself to, or to give to your favorite photographer.

It might be a little late to get these by Christmas, but all of them would make great New Years presents too (hint, hint)!

#1 TrilLens: I got on board with this Indiegogo campaign as soon as it came out. This product is pure genius – it allows you to carry three lenses on your belt and to easily interchange them on your camera. I recently received my TriLens and it looks great but I haven’t had a chance to use in the field. I’m hoping this will save me some back pain as I lug around my heavy prime lenses.

Price: €99 + shipping (discounted rate at the moment)

#2 Canon 70-200 f4: Regarding my last thought about heavy lenses, my ancient clunker of a 70-200mm f2.8 was having a hard time taking a focused photo (it was over ten years old!), so I recently bought this lens. Although I lost an f-stop, I truly love it. It’s so much lighter and the quality of the pictures is great. There are a few times I wish I could’ve opened up another stop, but the weight cannot be beaten for the quality.

Price: $599 at B&H with a non-US warranty, and $1,099 with a US warranty.

#3 Pinhole Pro S: I’ve been fooling around with pinhole lenses for years, and still haven’t found one I particularly like. This one looks the most promising, and I’ve just bought one from the Kickstarter campaign which is still going on for another day and a half. If you’re like me and always trying to find new ways to take a picture, you should check it out.

Price: CA $65 for one, until the campaign ends.

#4 Vixari tripod: Do you ever lug around a tripod to photo shoots and then most of the time never need it? Yep, me too. Even if it’s light, it still takes up a lot of room and it’s annoying to carry. This tripod folds up to about the size of a smartphone which is *amazing*. Unfortunately, it can’t hold a camera more than 4.4lbs, but if you’re in need of something small and light, this can definitely do in a pinch. I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s still very high on my list of things I might splurge on at the end of the year.

Price: £57 GBP + shipping

#5 Ultralight camera cover: I love the Think Tank brand, and I realized recently they have another site dedicated to outdoor photography. This camera cover is a great idea to keep as protection if you’re shooting outside in the elements, and it’s also very reasonably priced.

Price: $19.99 + shipping

#6 Solar charger: It’s always a great idea to have a solar charger in the field for smartphones that can die fast. If you need to charge something bigger like an iPad, you can go up from two panels to four without any problems.

Price for two panels: $126 + shipping

#7 Ring flash: This is a good addition to your lighting-on-the-go kit. A ring flash gives a beautiful and unique look to portraits, and in the past cost a lot of money. But this one looks great and super affordable. I’m definitely going to get one before the year is out.

Price: $29.99 + shipping

And that’s my list!

Happy holidays everyone and have fun shopping.

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  • Laird December 20, 2017 in 10:01

    Trilens looks ? awesome


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