Vignette Interactive Team

Joseph Francis Marsico

Development Director

Joseph Francis Marsico is Vignette Interactive’s Development director and a software development and project management specialist. He also has a background in business development and systems management.

During his time with Vignette Interactive, he has led development teams for projects ranging from web applications to custom mobile apps for clients including start-ups, media groups, and humanitarian organizations.

When he isn’t working, Joseph travels a lot.  Apart from the Vignette Interactive’s homes in Dubai and Istanbul, he often travels to Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and Hungary.

Mobile software development

Joseph Francis Marsico’s development expertise includes mobile and emerging platform such as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. As the director of Vignette Interactive’s software development efforts, Joseph regularly reaches out to interesting mobile-focused startups during his travels.

In his spare time, and sometimes on airplanes, Joseph still codes in iOS.  He is hard at work learning Swift, Apple’s latest mobile development language.


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