Vignette Interactive Team

Vasiliki Savva

Lead Designer

Vasiliki is a designer in a constant state of creative exploration, always striving to stay up to date with the rapid evolution of the design world and expand her capabilities across specializations like UX / UI, data visualization and emerging technology. She believes that psychology plays a substantial role in user experience and visual storytelling, and she dedicates considerable energy towards researching the influence of psychology and philosophy.

Vasiliki grew up as a curious child exploring her parent’s workspace, where she learned about silk printing from her Greek-Cypriot father and offset printing from her Thai mother. Her dual-ethnic upbringing fostered a desire for global exploration. After graduating from Frederick University Cyprus with a BA in Graphic and Advertising Design, she left Cyprus for Granada, Spain to work for Squembri design studio.  Four months later, she moved to Bangkok and worked as a freelance consultant on brand identity design. Her next adventure was moving to London where she became the creative director of experiential marketing company Dimension Labs.

Vasiliki believes that design is a powerful force for inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment. She is thrilled to use her diverse set of skills to help people change the world through design.

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